Minnesota Welcomes

Together we can create connected, loving communities of neighbors who care for each other across Minnesota

Minnesota Welcomes is about cultivating inclusive and diverse communities that everyone feels part of. It’s about working together to understand each other better every day.

We’d like to make it easier for you to take action today by starting one of four positive initiatives that emphasize and hold up the values that we share!

Ideas for a Minnesota that Welcomes

Start one of these ideas to create new opportunities for people in your community to come together, no matter where they're from or what their background is.

  • Welcome In

    Welcome immigrants to your community through conversational English classes

  • Sambusa Sunday

    Community gatherings to build bridges and overcome division

  • Welcome Dinner

    Welcome new arrivals with dinner in your community. Join a welcoming movement built around food, language and social interaction.

Start one of these ideas to help raise a new generation of caring, open-minded citizens who build an empathy-based society.

  • Peace First

    Equip young people with the skills and commitment to solve problems with courage, compassion and collaboration

  • Roots of Empathy

    Cultivate empathy and social-emotional competence in children in your school

  • World Savvy

    Global competence teaching and learning for your classroom

  • Generation Citizen

    Teach teens how to work with local leaders and take effective political action to fix local problems.

  • Playworks

    Transform Recess to Transform your School

We’re here to help you get started! You will get a step-by-step guide on how to get started
and a team of advisors and friends to support you in making it happen.

Why are people taking positive action?

  • I was lucky enough to have diversity in my life from the start growing up in an apartment complex with many immigrants. I want to continue to have this enrich my life and to help new immigrants feel welcomed in such unwelcoming times. If I can be a seed of positivity perhaps it will grow.

    - Heather, Welcome Dinner Starter, Brooklyn Park
  • To survive as a human race we must get along. Every person no matter where they come from or the language they speak or color of their skin is beautiful. I want my grandchildren to be able say when I'm gone; grandpa loved everybody and he taught me to do the same.

    - James, Welcoming America Starter, Mankato
  • I have lived in other countries and understand the difficulties of isolation; strange culture, different and extreme weather, and a polarizing political environment, which can be bridged, and it's important to, with language.

    - Esther, Welcome In Starter, Minneapolis
  • I think it's a brilliant idea to connect with our community. I think it's needed to reach out not only to new immigrants to welcome them and provide for support, but also to reach out to across party lines in this country to start bridging the divide morally and ideologically.

    - Kathleen, Welcome Dinner Starter, Saint Paul

1157 people have already joined the
#MinnesotaWelcomes campaign to build caring communities in Minnesota

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