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The Daily Mile "The Daily Mile is a simple but ground-breaking initiative, encouraging primary school teachers to take children outside to run for 15 minutes each day. The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional, social health & well-being of children in Ireland and around the world – regardless of age or personal circumstances, to create healthy habits for life. " - Frank Greally, Ambassador for the Daily Mile in Ireland

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There is no set up time involved - it's 15 minutes a day at any time of the school day. Work around your own classroom schedule so that it works for you.

Selecting a track

When deciding on your route, if you can, make it about 5–12 laps long. This allows the children to enjoy running as far as they can in the 15 minutes, without anyone being in the lead. The Daily Mile can’t be done in mud.


Make it safe. In order to ensure that The Daily Mile is a safe activity for all the children, carry out a risk assessment of your route. It can be good to involve the children in doing this.

You'll find all you need for carrying out a risk assessment here in the resources folder

Just go

Deciding when the class goes out is best left to each teacher – they know their class and can respond to their needs. It is best if The Daily Mile is integrated into the children’s schedules in a time-flexible way.

It only takes just 15 minutes. Try to do it daily – and certainly no less than three times a week – otherwise children will find it hard, and won’t enjoy all the benefits that come from daily physical activity.

It's all about Fun and 100% Inclusive

The Daily Mile is not a race or competition – it’s a daily physical activity which is social. The whole class should understand that they can run at their own pace. The children chat with one another as they run together.

It’s always fully inclusive – make sure all children are out in the fresh air, getting involved. This will ensure it is sustainable as the children enjoy it so much – they’ll get the opportunity to chat with current friends, plus make new ones.

Clothes & weather

The children don’t change into kit – they always run in what they are wearing. Many schools have found that it’s a good idea to make black trainers part of the school uniform.

Treat the weather as a benefit, not a barrier. Children enjoy being outside in different types of weather, connecting with nature and being aware of the seasons.

Own it

Encourage the children to run and jog – although they can stop and walk to catch their breath from time to time. The real benefits to most comes from running and jogging for 15 minutes. There should be little to no walking.


Keep it simple. Resist the temptation to overcomplicate it. It should always be social and fun. From time to time, you may wish to connect it to the curriculum or do something seasonal, for example, running laps to Lapland.

Register with the global movement

You can register as part of the global movement and the almost 2 million kids already participating by signing up on the Daily Mile website.