Glanaruddery Wind Farm Community Fund

€30,855 · Glanaruddery Wind Farm & 10km radius

Beprövade idéer och finansiering för ditt samhälle

Glanaruddery Wind Farm and Greencoat Renewables' commitment to a sustainable future extends beyond the renewable energy they generate. They strive to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of all their stakeholders, including those living close to the wind farms they own. Through this fund you can start a new project or expand an existing project to improve your community, school or neighbourhood.

Så här fungerar det
  • Select an idea listed below or submit your existing project and register to get your project page
  • If your application is successful, use your project page to complete a 30 Day Challenge
  • Submit a photo and your action plan
  • Let us know what impact you are having in your community
Vem kan ansöka
  • You live within 10km of Glanaruddery Wind Farm
  • You're passionate about building a thriving community where you live
  • You are an individual, an existing local group or a community organization
Vad ni får
  • Seed funding to start your selected idea
  • Free starter resource pack, mentorship and technology tools to get started
  • Additional impact funding, once you report back on the social/environmental impact of your active project

Utforska beprövade projektidéer

Välj en idé att starta i ditt samhälle. Se de allmänna villkoren.
Denna fond tar inte längre mot ansökningar. Du kan fortfarande starta idéer utan finansiering eller söka efter aktiva fonder i ditt område.
  • Pollinator Plan Juniors

    Support biodiversity in your school community with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

  • Plastic Free 4 Kids

    Empower the kids in your primary school to become plastic free ambassadors in your local community.

  • Cykelbuss

    ett community-baserat initiativ som främjar aktivt resande med cykel för skolbarn.

  • parkrun

    Gratis lopp varje vecka i ditt närområde

  • Walks and Talks

    An annual series of walks and talks aimed at connecting us more closely with our community and our place

  • Pollinator Plan

    Support biodiversity in your local community with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

  • The Daily Mile

    Children Fit For Life

  • Repair Café

    Gratis mötesplatser, som handlar om att reparera saker tillsammans

  • Open Orchard

    Arrangera en Open Orchard för att föra människor samman, tillhandahålla gratis frukt till människor i området och skapa gröna stadsmiljöer.

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