Repair Cafe - Fixing a Coffee Machine

Why are people really starting Repair Cafés?

Recently we’ve added the idea of the Repair Café to our list of 35 ideas you can start on Repair Cafés are meet-ups where you can get help fixing broken things: From a toaster to a pair of trousers. From a bicycle to a DVD player!

Why did we want it to be part of ChangeX? Because we saw this amazing initiative spreading across more than 30 countries over the course of the last 7 years, raising awareness about the enormous amounts of waste we produce, when we throw things out instead of repairing them.

Repair Cafés have a positive impact on one of the biggest environmental issues: CO2 emissions. A great example of how we can tackle a global problem at the community level.

We’ve already seen a lot of applications coming from people in Ireland who would like to bring the Repair Café to their communities.

And while waste is surely a big problem to work on, there are way more reasons why you will love the idea of the Repair Café so much that you’d like to start one yourself.

So what is it that drives you? Check out some of the motivational statements from people who have decided to start a Repair Café on ChangeX over the last few weeks:

  1. It’s an opportunity to bring people in the community together 

Repairing is a lost skill in this consuming society, I like bringing new people together for a sense of community and while not being wasteful. 

Starter from Kilkenny

We have a wonderful community here in Dunmore East with so many talented people that, I’m sure, would love to participate in sometime like this. It sounds like something that would be welcomed with open arms!

Starter from Dunmore East, Co. Waterford

2. It’s a way to offer own skills to others in the community 

We are volunteer gardeners and have been operating a Men’s Shed on the site for two years. Our ‘lads’ have plenty of skills and enjoy the powers of salvage find and fixing things.

This would help introduce new people to the powers of gardening as well as getting something fixed.

Starter from Waterford

I am an avid DIYer and can fix most things, including mechanical work on my car.  I just love it.  It would be great to have a community group in this area, as it is also my hobby.  And a great way to meet people.

Starter from Waterford

3. The own eagerness to learn how to repair  

The whole concept sounds fantastic! I am dying to start a couple of upcycling projects of my own but just don’t know where to begin. 

Starter from Dunmore East, Co. Waterford

Learn how to start a Repair Café

4. It helps to bring back forgotten skills and values

“Repair ” is a skill which is slowly vanishing from our society, becoming more applicable to older generations as the young only know ” Replace”.  Life is not always so generous as to be able to replace everything which becomes broken and “perfect” is not always the best option. 

Skills from sewing to basic mechanical repairs have been lost and in my view whatever level your education takes you to,  these basic skills are invaluable. Let’s face it if your toilet is broken, it doesn’t matter how many Phd’s you have, you still need to know how to shut off water and what a ball cock is. Back to basics is what’s needed, repair not replace!

Starter from Wexford

5. It’s a way to help those who can’t afford to get things fixed

I’d like to start a Repair Café to help people in the community that cannot afford to have these repairs done

Starter from Bray

6. It helps to value things again 

Since I was younger I always was fascinated by how things work. I’ve always repaired my bikes even high end racing mountain bikes etc. as well as fixing them for friends, work-mates etc. It’s a shame to see perfectly useful things being tossed aside in the place of the novel even though it may have it’s own function despite not being state of the art any more.

Starter from Dublin

Whatever the reason, everyone who starts a Repair Café is a changemaker.

If you like the idea, we would love to hear why you would like to bring it to your community. Please just leave your comments. Or just jump straight in and find out more about it:

Learn here how the Repair Café works or just register your interest in starting now.

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