Who is making good things happen in your community?

ChangeX is all about empowering local changemakers in communities to find and start new ideas and connecting people who have got the same interest in making their communities a better place to live.

Over the last months we’ve been first focusing on helping you to discover proven innovations for your community, but we’ve learned from your feedback, that you’d like to discover what’s going on in your own community or other communities in Ireland you’re interested in. There is now an easy way to find that out.

We’re very excited to introduce you to the new local community pages on ChangeX.


Here is what you can do on the community pages now:

1. Find out which ideas are up and running in your area to join or get involved and get in touch with the organizers.


2. Follow a location to become part of a local community on ChangeX and to show you are interested in making your community a better place to live. With a follow you sign up to updates for a location and can connect with like-minded people in your area. Weather you want to join or get it started, together you can make a difference.


3. See the ideas that are still missing and just click on „start“ if you’re ready to bring it to your area. You don’t need to have the master plan yet on how to do it, leave it to us to show you the way.


4. Show interest in an idea that hasn’t been up an running in your area yet with just one click and see who else might be interested in starting it.

We know of course, that you’re doing much more in your communities than what we capture with our ChangeX innovations so far. But this is just the beginning and we hope to open up the pages to more locally relevant initiatives in the future.

For now, we’d like to start by connecting the people in communities who have a shared interest in making a difference on the local level. So, pleaese go and invite everyone you know in your area who shares your interest in making your community a better place to live and bring your community page to life.

We hope you like the new feature and if you come across any questions or problems with it, if projects are missing that you know are up and running in your area, if we’ve set a location wrong, or a contact is outdated, please don’t leave us clueless, send a message to [email protected] or just use our chat to give us a shout.

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