Meet our ChangeX100 Starters – #1 Kate Lynch is starting a GIY Group

I recently moved back to Dublin after five years living abroad in San Francisco and London. Now that I’m starting to settle back in to the Irish way of life, I’ve decided that I’m going try my hand at everything and anything – I’ve taken up yoga and guitar and the list is growing! ChangeX offers so many ideas for fun ways to spend your time – but also in ways that actually give back to your community, so it’s win, win!

What strikes me most about GIY

I first was introduced to GIY when they came to my office to give a short presentation on the benefits of growing your own food and tips on how to do it. I started off growing peas at my desk and now I’m immediately hooked, seeing how easy it is! That’s why I decided to start a GIY group in my community as a way to get to know other people in my area and find out new tips on how to successfully grow food in a small garden in the city centre!

What I expect to be most challenging

I’m recruiting one of my friends to start it with me so I’m not kicking it off by myself. I’m definitely going to need help with ideas to keep everyone motivated and engaged to keep it going for the long-term!

What I am good at

I can be quite persuasive so hopefully this will work in my favour to persuade more people to join!

What I love about the community where I live

I love that I live 5 minutes from the city centre and five minutes from the beach. There’s also so many different people on my street – families, young couples, house shares – which keeps it interesting!

You can contact Kate on if you would like to help her to set up the group in the Dublin City Centre or if you want to stay in the loop about first dates.

Every week we introduce one of our #ChangeX100 starters to you. If you would like to join the challenge and start an idea from in your community, you can just explore our social innovations, pick the one you love and get started. We will give you all the support you need.

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