Meet our ChangeX100 starters – #2 Jenny Bergin will host a Street Feast

My name is Jenny. I live in Clonmullen in Edenderry. I work in childcare. I have 3 children and 9 chickens! I have a huge range of interests and hobbies that range from interior design, gardening, baking and art.

What I love about Street Feast

I only learned recently about ‘Street Feast’ and thought it would be a perfect idea for our neighbourhood. I have about 40 people so excited about our first Street Feast here in Clonmullen. We are a close knit bunch, everyone looks out for each other. The community spirit is amazing.

I personally know it will be a huge success and the rain won’t even put us off. Already it is something we are planning, ideas flying and a team of volunteers. Everyone will help out and it will be a day to appreciate each other and the wonderful bonds and friendships we have.

What I find most challenging

I don’t imagine organising it will be a challenge as we work well together as a team. The only challenge I imagine will be getting final numbers and hoping to cater successfully for each individual’s taste.

We’ll designate chores and dishes to each household and get a fund in place for the extras.

What I’m good at

I am good at organising and catering for large numbers so I hope we don’t run into any major problems (the local supermarket is only 2 minutes away if we do!)

What I love about my community

I love my community, could never imagine living anywhere else. ‘Street Feast’ will bring us together with music and laughter, old and young, and I hope it will be the start of something that we’ll remember fondly and look forward to doing again next year……

You can contact Jenny on if you would like to learn more about her Street Feast.

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