Jimeve is starting two Fàilte Isteach Classes in West Cork

My name is Jimeve O’Neill and I work for The West Cork Development Partnership in Clonakilty under the Social inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) as a development officer. We run many programmes such as Leader, Tús RSS, Warmer homes and Rural Recreation. We are delighted to support the establishment Failte Isteach for new communities in the Bandon, Kinsale and wider West Cork area.

What I like about Fàilte Isteach

We meet people from new communities through our many programmes and have identified a need for a group like Fàilte Isteach to help people with language and integration. We had been seeking meaningful ways for new members of our community to integrate for some time. We came across Fàilte Isteach just a couple of weeks ago and we immediately knew it could work in our comunity and address many of the issues we had been concerned about. It helps migrants and communities to come together and create positive experiences for everyone. It encourages and supports the sharing of skills, knowledge and culture along with promoting active citizenship.

At West Cork Development Partnership we connect with people in a very real way about the real issues that concern them in their lives and their communities. We support communities and individuals on their road to empowerment through skills training and resource training etc. Those are both things that totally align with how Fàilte Isteach works. It’s perfect.

What do you find most challenging

Supporting the establishment of a Fàilte Isteach group may throw up its challenges, but we are confident in the members of our community pulling together, as they always do to create a fantastic support group for new communities.

What I love about our community

At West Cork Development Partnership, we see our community as a progressive and vibrant rural region of inclusive and engaged communities where, guided by the principles of sustainability, its social, cultural, natural and economic assets are harnesses to achieve a quality of life for all.

If you would like to get involved with Jimeves Fàilte Isteach classes or would just like to send her a message, you can just contact her here for Clonakilty and here for Bandon.

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