Impact Associate (Swedish Language)

Role: Impact Associate – Sweden (Changemaker Support – Translation Quality – Network Support)

Location: Remote 

Role Status: Part Time Consultant (Estimated 200 Hours over 3-6 months)

Start Date: April 12th

Remuneration: ~ 200 SEK/hr

About ChangeX

ChangeX is a platform connecting proven ideas for strengthening communities with teams who start them locally and those with the resources to support – ideas like Cycling without Age, Repair Café, parkrun, Grow it Yourself and Playworks, adopted and started by teachers, healthcare professionals, community workers and other proactive citizens.

There are thousands of social innovations across the world that have been proven to work, but too few at global scale, leading to wasteful reinvention or worse, no solution at all.  Technology can address this. We’re on a mission to help build thriving communities everywhere – in our first five years, over 500,000 people have benefitted from over 16,000 new projects started on ChangeX.

Our business model is called Impact as a Service – we make it easy for funders to find and invest in the ideas they want to spread in regions they care most about – customers include Microsoft and Web Summit among others.  Our philanthropic backers come from some of the best recognised venture firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures and Insight Ventures as well as founders like Mike Lee (MyFitnessPal) and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s).  Our team is usually based at Dogpatch Labs in Dublin with team members in the U.S. and Europe.

Our Team

The Impact Team focuses on growing and supporting the ChangeX community of grassroots leaders and social innovators. We identify and package the most impactful and scalable ideas around the world, inspire and support people to start these ideas locally and measure the impact at a local community level. We’re looking for an Impact Associate to work with us for 3-6 months, to lead the support and content roll out for our first Community Fund in Sweden (specifically in the Municipalities of Gävle, Sandviken and Staffanstorp).

Job Description

  • Carry out due diligence calls with those who have applied to start a community project across Gävle, Sandviken or Staffanstorp, as part of the Sweden Community Challenge (supported by Microsoft), to provide support and assess whether they are committed and qualified to receive funding to start their project of choice. These calls are the most important touchpoint we have with community leaders who are starting projects, and they are an energising experience for the ChangeX team, giving us the opportunity to hear about their motivations and plans;
  • Review and edit content for 10 of the most impactful community based sustainability ideas which make up the Sweden Community Challenge portfolio, to ensure they are relevant for a Swedish audience. This content will have already been translated to a high level via a translation professional, so this task is focussed on quality control, cultural nuance and learning. For example for the Open Orchard idea, you would need to make sure that we are describing the right type of fruit tress that grow in Sweden, as well as the correct terms for stakeholders that would be involved in this project in Sweden eg. parks department, local government, councils etc;
  • Review and edit translated marketing materials e.g. Facebook and Instagram ads, and direct mail emails to ensure relevance to a Swedish audience;
  • Provide support to the impact team as they build local databases of schools, community organisations, local government etc. in Sweden;
  • Ongoing adhoc translations as they might be needed.


This is a 3-6 month part-time role, beginning at the start/middle of April 2021. The majority of the work will need to take place at the beginning of the contract. We estimate it will require 20 hrs/week for the first month; 10 hours/week for the following 2 months; and then 6 hrs/week after that.

You can choose the times that suit you best to carry out the work, once you have some time blocks (approx 5-10 hours per week) available during regular Swedish working hours (9-6pm CET Monday – Friday) for the due diligence calls to be scheduled in your calendar via the ChangeX product. It will also be necessary for you to join check-in calls with the rest of the impact team approx. 3 times per week. We can mutually agree on the times for these calls based on your availability.


  • Fluent in Swedish and English;
  • Great communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Demonstrated interest in environmental innovation and commitment to environmental & social change;
  • Highly empathetic and strong ethical fibre;
  • An entrepreneurial track record ideally;
  • Strong research skills;
  • Fast learner.

To apply, please send CV or equivalent with a note outlining why you think you’d be the right person to [email protected] by Friday 2nd April.

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