#ChangeX100 – It starts with you!

Do you consider your community the best place to live? But, there is always something missing, always something to be concerned about or something to improve.

Here’s the good news: Together we can create the communities we want!

In association with the Irish Times and the Ray D’Arcy show on RTE Radio 1 ChangeX is launching #ChangeX100 this week in order to encourage people around Ireland to take the destiny of their communities into their own hands and ‘to be the change they want to see’.

The idea: Let’s start 100 teams within 100 days that make a difference in our communities and start an innovation from ChangeX.

On ChangeX you can pick out of 20 ideas that you can get started in your community. Ideas like Fàilte Isteach, Street Feast, GIY, Irish Men’s Sheds, Siel Bleu or Foodcloud.

Get started today

At our launch event in the Little Museum of Dublin people made the first commitments to get ideas started or to host ChangeX meetups in their communities in order to get more people behind #ChangeX100.


Over the next few weeks, watch out for stories about the ChangeX innovations on the Irish Times Online.

The Ray D’Arcy show is introducing some of the ideas you can start or join in your community later this week. Listen to the first interview about ChangeX100, Street Feast and the Irish Men’s Shed here. Tune in at 3:30 every day this week and Join ChangeX100 today!

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