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New on the ChangeX team – Nicole wants get involved with positive change in her community and the world

This week we welcomed Nicole Eggleston to ChangeX. She will be working with our impact team for four months. Based in Baltimore, MD, US, Nicole is passionate about content creation, user experience, and making a positive impact in her community, country, and the world. Here she shares what got her interested in social innovation and community action. 

Why did you join ChangeX?

I always had the idea that I wanted to change the world, even if I could impact a much smaller level. However, I didn’t know where to begin until I took a social entrepreneurship class during my undergraduate career. I first saw how the ideas that came from my classmates and professors had the potential to be successful but would take time outside of our 15-week semester constraint to complete. Unfortunately, the conversations and ideas stopped there, and I was looking for a way to get back into that social entrepreneurship mindset. 

I now found out about ChangeX and saw the fantastic community outreach projects that people were creating. With everything that’s been going on, it’s been hard to find positive outlets and stay motivated. ChangeX has inspired me to get involved with the positive changes that I want to see in my community and the world.

What’s an idea on ChangeX you would like to see in your community or start yourself, and why?

There are so many amazing ideas, but I would love to see the Slow Food project. Slow Food helps people have access to food that is better for them. I’ve always been privileged to live near grocery stores where I have access to healthier eating. However, that isn’t the same in some of the neighboring communities where food access is a problem. With some grocery stores shutting down, neighborhoods struggle with finding closer access to food and will be considered food deserts. Having interned at a farmers’ market in the past, I’ve seen how impactful Slow Food could be.

What is an idea you’d like to see on ChangeX? Why?

I’ve been focusing on my mental health lately and understanding how crucial mental stability can be. One idea that I would like to see if possible is something similar to the Holistic Life Foundation. The Holistic Life Foundation focuses on nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. The teachable lessons are something that I wish I had access to during my childhood.

What is an issue area you are personally passionate about/ that you’d like to do something about?

There is a multitude of areas that I’m passionate about, from sustainability to diversity and inclusion. As a self-identified Black woman, I would like to focus on continuing the conversations of race and systemic oppression that are deep-rooted in my country and bring about change in all government—city, state, and federal.

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