Minnesota Welcomes – We are better when we work together

At ChangeX, we believe deeply in the power of people working together to build the caring communities they want to live in.

We see it every day. One of the best parts about my job is seeing the near-constant stream of commitments coming through the feed on the ChangeX website. In any given hour, I can glance at my phone to see that a parent has committed to starting a CoderDojo coding club at her child’s school, a neighbor has signed up to host a community dinner welcoming refugees, a woman has mobilized a group of her friends to start a walking group, or a teacher has decided to prioritize teaching empathy in his classroom.

Although these initiatives are often started by one person, we know it never ends there. Soon, friends are invited to join, fliers are passed around, or a sign is posted on a bulletin board. Other people begin to join the effort, and to feel part of making it happen. One by one, across Minnesota, people are creating connected, thriving communities of neighbors who care for each other.

We are in this together 

We’ve had more people reach out recently to ask us for ideas how to connect and cultivate inclusive and diverse communities that everyone feels part of. Messages like this one are what made us feel that we need to do more to support you in doing so. 

I would like to proactively ensure that refugee and immigrant families feel safe and welcome in the U.S. I would like to get my company involved in the hopes of sparking dialogue and empathy.”

We hear you.

We’re excited to help make this happen, which is why today we’re launching the Minnesota Welcomes campaign.

Minnesota Welcomes is about connection. It’s about neighbors. It’s about creating communities where every person is valued and we work to understand each other.

Minnesota Welcomes is about taking action today

For the next six weeks, we’ll be focusing on five ideas that emphasize the values of inclusion and connection. Each of these initiatives involves an action that you can take on right now:

Welcoming America

A movement of inclusive communities across the nation by making everyone feel like they belong.

Sambusa Sunday

A community gathering bringing people together to eat Somali Sambusas and drink Chai Tea in a public space that welcomes conversations and relationship building.

Welcome In

Volunteers running free English classes for migrant families to help them make connections more easily. 

Welcome Dinner

An invite to immigrant neighbors to have a dinner together, whether in a large group in a restaurant or cafe or with a home-cooked meal at your home.


Teachers helping students to build skills critical for their future success in more diverse communities, workplaces and in a more interconnected world.

The decision to start one of these ideas is a decision to create a new opportunity for people to move closer together, no matter where they come from or what their background is.

Join #MinnesotaWelcomes now

As always with ChangeX, along with the idea will come a step-by-step guide on how to start it and a team of advisors and friends to support you in making it happen.

This work is contagious, and we’re looking to each of you to help it spread.

Together We Can create connected, loving communities of neighbors who care for each other in Minnesota. Share this now on Twitter

We can’t wait to see how the power of neighbors coming together to build stronger communities inspires each of you.

Take action today, start an idea in your community and share your story with us! Tell us why you are joining us in saying #MinnesotaWelcomes!

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