How to set up a Men’s Shed explained in one infographic

The Irish Men’s Shed is a well-known idea around Ireland. After witnessing the success of the concept in Australia, John Evoy set up the Irish Men’s Sheds Association in 2011. Since then, the movement has flourished with over 260 Sheds now spread across the island. The simple idea behind it: Creating a place in the local community where men can meet, pursue hobbies, share knowledge or simply just have a cuppa together.

Every Shed is different. When you think of a Men’s Shed, you might picture a garage where men do woodwork but Sheds host all sorts of activities, from pilates to baking, cooking or gardening. Whatever the men involved are interested in doing, the Shed provides the place and the community to do it.

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Sheds are at the heart of community engagement. Men meeting in the Sheds are often happy to lend a hand to other initiatives in the community. Perhaps the local playground needs new equipment or some disused bicycles need a new lease of life. The impact of the Shed goes far beyond the wellbeing of those who are using it as a meeting place. The whole community can benefit from having an Irish Men’s Shed nearby and anyone can decide to start a Shed.

It is amazing to see the change in people and it’s a great feeling to know you’ve made a difference as a Member of an Irish Men’s Shed

So, what’s involved in setting up a Shed? In research that ChangeX conducted with the help of students from UCD’s Marketing Development Programme we talked to 75 Shedders in Ireland to learn a bit more about how they set up the Sheds in their areas. To give you a quick overview, we’ve created this infographic that summarises some of our research.

If you are interested in starting a Men’s Shed in your community you can register interest by clicking the link below (or click here) and we’ll be in touch to help you with everything you need to get started.

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