Finding the best ideas for local communities to reduce their carbon footprint

There are 10 days left until world leaders, NGOs and environmental experts come together in Paris for the Climate Summit to get to an agreement on how each country can reduce their carbon emissions to get to the global goal of staying underneath the benchmark for global warming of 2° celsius.

At ChangeX we believe in the power of individuals and in the collaboration of communities to tackle global problems at the local level. When it comes to climate change, this means taking action to create a more sustainable society, taking responsiblity for reducing our carbon footprint, building more awareness and educating the next generation in environmental issues.

There are already a number of ideas on ChangeX that help you with the first steps like starting Grow It Yourself Groups, FoodCloud’s Food Rescue Project or The Green Plan. We will add more ideas in the coming weeks.

We’ll also provide you with more guidance and inspiration from people who are already working on these issues on our Blog. We’ve gathered stories and advice from Brendan Dunford, social entrepreneur and founder of Burren Beo, Duncan Stewart, envirionmentalist and TV presenter and Ali Sheridan, founder of the sustainability & CSR agency PurposeHub and DCU Tutor, just to name a few.

Please stay tuned on all the updates on our community driven climate change solutions by joining ChangeX.

You can already start diving into the topic now by browsing some of the stories we’ve explored for you over the last few months that demonstrate in pictures how changemakers in Ireland are taking action locally.

For example we met with Common Ground Bray, a community hub that organises around the belief that they can make Bray a more sustainable town as well as a more inclusive community by creating an open space for workshops, a local food market and collaborating on projects like the community garden.

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We also met Ray who doesn’t only want to create the biggest Men’s Shed in the world but also wants it to be an education centre for environmental issues. The Shedders in Portaoise first and foremost work on projects related to sustainability like building a biodigester, cultivating a vegetable garden, building a composter or providing bird boxes for the local park.


We also showed you how Claire built a community of growers by starting a GIY group in Crumlin /Walkinstown that led to new projects she runs with volunteers: A school garden, where she educates kids about where food comes from and the community bed project where she fosters an interest in good growing by growing herbs and vegetables in the middle of the town.

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If you’d like to start taking action right away just choose one of our innovations tackling climate change and we’ll support you in getting it started. You can also bring your community together and discuss with changemakers from your area how you’d like to take action and host a ChangeX Meetup.

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