Getting to Grips with Autism

…by teaching our children to understand

One in every 100 people in Ireland have Autism, and the autism community in Ireland is growing every year. Now, more than ever, there is a need to foster a community that understands the needs of those with autism, to allow them to lead the full and inclusive lives that we all deserve.

Autism in Ireland

The AsIAm Secondary Schools Programme on ChangeX is designed to foster an inclusive, open and understanding culture in secondary schools so that everyone can succeed ‘as they are’. As it’s an invisible condition, it’s even more important that a greater understanding of the condition is encouraged throughout the schools system so that the challenges and the strengths of people with the condition are understood.

Supporting Autism in Ireland

AsIAm offers ongoing support and access to resources, in addition to workshops that are delivered by members of the Autism Community, giving students a feel of what it’s like to experience Autism, in addition to getting them thinking about how they can be more autism-friendly.

Want to find out how to get an AsIAm workshop in your school? Check out our 5 Step Guide and get started here

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